Head of Visa Crypto: Retailers are popularizing bitcoin every day and eventually or pushing it to a new high

On January 6, in response to whether institutions have underestimated the impact of retail investors on the price of bitcoin, Visa crypto head Cuy Sheffield tweeted that institutional investors underestimated retail investors. In the long run, the best way to drive Bitcoin adoption is to build and promote products. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are still generally questioned, in part because they are not regulated. However, despite its price volatility, it has proven to be an important remedy for traditional remittances, and over time, Bitcoin has transformed into a reliable means of value storage. At the same time, although institutional investors under the strict control of regulators take a wait-and-see attitude toward Bitcoin, and even underestimate the willingness of those retail investors, in fact, retail investors may eventually push the price of Bitcoin to a new high. Not only that, retail investors are driving the popularity of Bitcoin every day.