Chinese universities will compile a batch of new teaching materials around blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc.

Source: Beijing News

Beijing News (Reporter Feng Qi) On January 7th, the reporter was informed that the National Teaching Materials Committee issued the "National Plan for the Construction of Textbooks for Primary and Middle Schools (2019-2022)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan"), which clarified the primary, secondary, and The focus of future construction of teaching and college textbooks.

In recent years, textbooks for primary and secondary schools have been receiving great attention. The "Planning" explains the focus of the construction of primary and secondary school teaching materials. By 2022, complete the compilation and review of the textbooks for the three subjects: morality and the rule of law (ideological and political), Chinese, and history, track and understand the use of the three subjects, and organize timely revision. At the same time, further improve the basic education textbook system. The semester includes compulsory education, general high schools, and types cover general education and special education.

Faced with the continuous development and update of new technologies and processes, how can vocational college textbook construction adapt to these developments and changes? The head of the Office of the National Textbooks Committee stated that it is necessary to speed up the development and revision of professional teaching standards in vocational colleges, strengthen regional textbook planning, reflect the industrial structure needs in the region in professional textbooks, and encourage schools to plan to reflect the characteristics of the school. teaching material.

With regard to the construction of textbooks for colleges and universities, the Plan clarifies the focus of the next step. It includes revising and newly compiling a batch of philosophical and social science textbooks reflecting China's position, Chinese wisdom, and Chinese values, and recommending a batch of excellent philosophical and social science textbooks prepared by high-level schools and experts and scholars.

In addition, the "Planning" also proposes that college textbooks will adapt to the new situation and aim at national strategic needs. Focusing on artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, cyberspace security, environmental science, marine science, energy science and other fields, we will focus on preparing a batch of New textbooks, systematically introducing or translating and publishing a batch of overseas high-quality textbooks in the fields of natural sciences, engineering and technology.