China Finance News: Blockchain and finance and tax are naturally attracted

On January 8th, China Finance and Economics published the article "The Natural Attraction of Blockchain and Finance and Taxation". The article states that finance and taxation should be one of the important scenarios for the application of blockchain technology. Through the empowerment of blockchain, finance and taxation can not only realize the innovation of management methods and methods, but also be able to "strengthen health during the modernization of fiscal and taxation governance" body". First of all, blockchain technology can realize the symmetrical distribution and identification of fiscal and tax information, and then achieve the consensus of stakeholders on fiscal and tax policies. Secondly, blockchain technology is conducive to strengthening the monitoring of fiscal and tax resources, preventing and eliminating illegal gaming of fiscal and tax funds. Secondly, blockchain technology can greatly reduce the cost of fiscal and tax supervision and improve the effectiveness of supervision and management. In the end, blockchain technology can realize intelligent finance and taxation in a real sense, and guide fiscal and taxation governance into a modernized track.