Beijing News: Squeeze the bubble of virtual currency exchange

On January 8th, the Beijing News published an article "Squeezing and Supervising the Bubble Supervision of the Virtual Currency Exchange". The article said that it is difficult to restrict the occurrence of chaos in the virtual currency exchange by issuing risk warnings. More severe rectification actions must be taken against this bubble phenomenon. Through the establishment of reporting mechanisms, victims and internal "whistleblower" are encouraged to provide clues, and those responsible for serious plots and intentional fraud must be severely punished and improved in accordance with the law. Its illegal cost. It is necessary to establish a unified registration management model for various types of virtual currency exchanges, and explore strengthening the supervision of their capital accounts, including escrow by third parties, to prevent users' investment funds from being misappropriated and misappropriated. If the virtual currency exchange is allowed to develop in an uncontrolled and illegal manner, it may eventually cause serious harm to public rights and social economy. For the management of virtual currencies, it is necessary to learn from the previous P2P experience and draw up more targeted and more comprehensive management measures as soon as possible, and to deal with various types of problems on virtual currency exchanges as soon as possible. Only in this way can we avoid the accumulation of bubbles in the virtual currency exchange and promote the fundamental supervision of it.