2050 Conference | Conflux Research Director Yang Guang: The goal of the blockchain is to protect privacy while publicly using data.

Babbitt reported that on the morning of April 27th, the "2050 Conference · 'Building a Smart City on the Blockchain' Newborn Forum" jointly sponsored by Babbitt and Zinc Link was held in Yunqi Town, Hangzhou. Conflux Research Director Yang Guang shared the application of blockchain in data privacy protection at the forum. He first mapped Maslow's hierarchy of needs with the data privacy requirements of the Internet. For example, in the Web1.0 era, http and https respectively Corresponding to physiological needs and security needs; in the Web2.0 era, IM and SNS correspond to social needs and respect needs. Then he pointed out that in terms of the new demand for data privacy, the blockchain should protect privacy under the premise of publicly using data (rather than the public data itself), which is also the difference between the blockchain and the traditional Internet. Including transfer transactions, auctions, voting, lottery, etc. Finally, he believes that the development trend of privacy protection technologies on the blockchain includes Zether (general solution), TEE, FHE, ZKP (privacy protection for general-purpose computing (smart contract)).