Wu Jihan: When Bitmain expands in the future, it will give priority to job opportunities through the alumni network

Wu Jihan said in the circle of friends that the eyes of the masses were really clear. Lao Zhan likes to be ridiculed by others, and frankly rushes to the side. Zhao Hongai, a female assistant of Lao Zhan, was very upset for two things: 1) I had an AI colleague who came to me to discuss the AI ​​business and must decisively put on such people; 2) Someone bypassed Zhao Hongai directly When Lao Zhan discussed work, he had to block the middle and cholera of Chao Gang in order to stabilize his position. It's a pity that the majority's mistakes have to be paid by the majority. Most of my colleagues who are excellent and honest, we have to make a difficult choice this time. The more excellent colleagues, the smoother you get together with the company. In the future, Bitmain will expand again, and it will also give priority to job opportunities through the alumni network. Even if the delay does not come back, it will be a personal matter to help these colleagues create some leverage for salary negotiation.