International Telecommunication Union civil and military: This year is expected to usher in the first year of legal digital currency

Chairman of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Focus Group on Statutory Digital Currency, David Wen, said in an exclusive interview with the reporter of the Shanghai Stock Exchange recently that more and more countries are making efforts to research and develop legal digital currency technology, but the internal needs of different countries are not the same , So the technology path and solution chosen are also different. China's infrastructure is complete and fully prepared from a technical perspective; the Swedish central bank has selected the best solution among more than 30 technology companies worldwide through tenders over the past two years. This year is expected to usher in the first year of legal digital currency. Once the legal digital currency is adopted, the friction and cost of payment can be greatly reduced. The ITU hopes to become the promoter of the central bank's legal digital currency security and technical standards, and is working with world-class institutions and universities to set up a 'future currency laboratory'. The laboratory is mainly composed of ITU legal digital currency members, including BIS, IMF, BRICS and other international institutions, and a number of central banks, Fintech companies, and financial institutions around the world discuss the common content of the central bank's legal digital currency system. For example, how to facilitate the circulation of legal digital currencies between different countries, what kind of security and communication standards need to be formulated.