Secretary of the Construction Bank Party Committee: Use blockchain and other technologies to build a platform for "migrant workers benefit" and invest more than 20 billion yuan in special financing

Tian Guoli, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the China Construction Bank, published an article "Creating Political Loyalty with New Finance to Fulfill His Original Mission". The article stated that in 2018, CCB's inclusive loans increased by 212.5 billion yuan, accounting for 50% of the total increase of the five major banks; The increase in the first three quarters reached 292.5 billion yuan. We will work together to overcome poverty and help the rural area revitalize. We will establish 271,000 rural “nongnongtong” service points so that farmers can enjoy modern financial services at the entrance of the village; use blockchain and other technologies to build a “migrant worker benefit” platform and put in special financing. More than 20 billion yuan, 2.14 million person-time wages were paid to migrant workers, solving the problem of difficult wages for migrant workers. Develop a fintech strategy. Relying on CCB's new generation core system, it promotes independent research and development and localization of fintech to realize the full localization of terminal equipment, PC servers, and security products, and the localization rate of network equipment exceeds 95%.