Blockchain concept stocks are making a comeback

According to reports from the financial community, there has been signs of a comeback in the quiet blockchain sector. On January 7, the stocks of blockchain concept stocks Feitian Integrity (17.910, 1.63, 10.01%), Gao Weida (12.340, 1.12, 9.98%), Zhejiang Furun (11.280, 1.03, 10.05%) and other stocks had daily limit and digital certification ( 42.160, 3.26, 8.38%), Hailian Jinhui (7.690, 0.52, 7.25%), and Yi Jian shares (15.850, 1.07, 7.24%) and other big gains. In addition, China National Construction (10.490, 0.60, 6.07%), Huijin (8.790, 0.44, 5.27%) and other large gains of more than 5%. Insiders pointed out that, as a new generation of revolutionary technology after the mobile Internet, the blockchain can effectively reduce the cost of trust among individuals with its distributed storage, decentralization, and non-tamperable characteristics, thereby improving production efficiency and accelerating various industries. The transformation and upgrading is considered as a technology with "subversive" significance. With the gradual maturity of technology and the continuous introduction of business scenarios, the imagination space is large.