What will happen to the crypto market under the control of "whale"?

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As we all know, the crypto market is controlled or even manipulated by big bookmakers ("whales").

According to a study by research firm Diar, in 2018, more than 55% of Bitcoins in circulation were in the hands of only 1% of big bookmakers . Former Goldman Sachs banker Per Wimmer explained the situation:

"The crypto market is dominated by the top ten institutional and personal bankers. They account for a large portion of the market. So far, manipulating the market has been too easy."

No one knows for sure that the mysterious bookmaker with tens of millions of dollars or even hundreds of millions of dollars in the account today can be today because of good luck or because of decisive investment methods. A recent study also revealed the attractive side of the cryptocurrency industry. Ethereum Express is a professional platform for thousands of cryptocurrency experts and enthusiasts, and a recent study found that gambling and mining in the cryptocurrency industry will be the most profitable in 2020 .

According to Ethereum Express, the revenue of the online gambling market will exceed $ 100 billion by 2025. This information is also confirmed by a recent study by Grand View Research that online gambling will generate $ 103 billion in revenue in 6 years.

According to the prediction of Bitcoin Foundation Chairman and American entrepreneur Brock Pierce, the further development of the blockchain depends to a large extent on the DApp, STO, and gaming industries.

A joint study by Grand View Research and Transparency Market Research shows that by the end of 2024, the annual revenue of the blockchain market will grow to $ 20 billion. This growth is mainly due to the popularity of the gaming industry and new user interaction models.

Obviously, no technology is static. Ordinary players benefit more from anonymity and faster transactions. The community needs a new solution to provide global market growth. Therefore, the ideal blockchain industry should have the following properties:

  • User-controlled (no middleman required),
  • No need to connect traditional payment methods,
  • Can prove fair and transparent,
  • Based on smart contracts,
  • Is completely secure (most importantly, this is what all respondents point out).


The dealer is likely to disappear over time

Observations show that most of Bitcoin is concentrated in the hands of a few people, most of whom are Bitcoin pioneers . With the development of the cryptocurrency industry, more and more bookmakers are likely to leave the market over time in the face of increasing economic pressure. At the same time, others will discover the charm of cryptocurrencies and buy, hold and sell them, so the distribution of cryptocurrencies will become more even.

The cryptocurrency industry is facing the most important stage: it is necessary to raise user awareness and provide a decentralized autonomous solution to facilitate the interaction of ordinary people with cryptocurrencies and make them accessible to everyone.


99% of cryptocurrencies may return to zero

Governments of all countries strictly track and review digital currencies, and exchanges are subject to delisting on a regular basis. New projects have to undergo a long test before they are launched to the public. Therefore, according to the latest forecast by experts, only 1% of the existing projects will remain on the market :

"I have stated publicly before that I think 99% of cryptocurrencies may return to zero, and 1% of cryptocurrencies are truly focused on solving problems for customers and can achieve large-scale applications.

Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse shared his predictions in an interview with Bloomberg.

At the same time, many cryptocurrencies are actually dead. According to Coinopsy, 978 projects have disappeared in the past 5 years. The most common reason is that 69.3% of startup companies abandoned their projects and didn't care about them. The second major reason is that 27.7% of the projects were affected by the bull market rise in 2017 and disappeared after raising funds.

However, we cannot tell exactly how many crypto projects have been zeroed out. DeadCoins announced 1818 projects, while CoinMarketCap announced 1802 projects with zero daily trading volume.


The dawn of the new digital currency is coming

Today, many blockchain-based platforms are looking for ways to change the cryptocurrency world, attract users, and invest. This new approach is to create a hybrid DAO and POA algorithm, which aims to develop a tool that allows users around the world to profit from the most popular cryptocurrency directions without having to buy and maintain expensive mining Mining equipment, or fear of being deceived due to lack of transparency. Such concepts can become standard or off-the-shelf infrastructure for different companies with clear integration processes.

There are already many world-renowned industry players at the starting point of their technology hybrid integration to obtain an effective tool to attract new customers and investors. By the way, one of the first adopters of the hybrid solution was the large mining group Mining Express, which is the fifth largest mining company in the world and the largest mining farm in Europe with an integrated EEX solution.

Huge changes are coming, which will affect the entire industry as true large market players are about to join the game. People should shift their attention from the change of the banker's funds to the operation of crypto project solutions. These solutions are based on blockchain hybrid technology and have attracted a lot of funds from around the world, which will change the history of the industry.


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