"Fitness" by wearing a foot ring for chickens

According to People's Daily Online, in January 2016, JD.com and the State Council Leading Group for Poverty Alleviation and Development signed the "E-commerce Precision Poverty Alleviation Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement" to jointly explore e-commerce precision poverty alleviation. The "running chicken" is one of the poverty reduction projects. In this project, JD.com integrates blockchain technology and lays out deeper supply chain retrospective applications, trying to "on-chain" every step from production to sales of agricultural products. He Xiaofei, the person in charge of the Jingdong Running Chicken Paradise project, said that "running chicken" is a free-range ecological firewood chicken. The breeder will wear a QR code traceable foot ring to each chicken's foot, and this foot ring will also become The chicks are uniquely identified. "Foot loops can also help staff record chicken movements, water feeding, feeding, epidemic prevention, daily cleaning and inspection on the blockchain."