Data show that the total domestic digital assets flowing overseas in 2019 is 11.4 billion U.S. dollars, and the total amount in three years exceeds the national foreign exchange reserve by 1%.

According to the data of the "2019 Global Digital Asset Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Research Report" released by blockchain security company PeckShield, through the investigation of fund flow tracking on more than 20 digital asset exchanges worldwide, the PeckShield security team researched and analyzed that digital assets The scale of international flows has been very large, and most of the funds have not been reasonably and compliantly regulated by the country. In 2017, the total amount of funds flowing from domestic to overseas through digital assets was US $ 10.1 billion, 2018 was US $ 17.9 billion, and 2019 was US $ 11.4 billion. The total outflow of funds in three years accounted for 1% of the country ’s US $ 3 trillion foreign exchange reserves.