Zhao Changpeng: Binance made 9 wholly-owned acquisitions in 2019

Recently, Binance founder Zhao Changpeng accepted an exclusive interview and disclosed some information and data. Zhao Changpeng said: In 2019, Binance made a total of nine wholly-owned acquisitions, and only three companies (JEX, DappReview, and WazirX) have been announced so far; including FTX, a total of 21 companies have been invested; Support them to develop some new concept products. Regarding the amount of developer funding, he said that the amount of funding is different in different countries: in the United States, it is generally supported for three months at $ 5,000 per month; in less developed countries (such as Africa or India), it is generally 1200 (per month) USD, funding period is one year; At present, 80% of funding projects are related to Binance Chain.