Huobi China CEO Yuan Yuming: Many companies want a digital economy solution, not just a blockchain

Babbitt reported on the spot that on January 8, the "2020 Artificial Intelligence Industry Investment Summit" was held in Shanghai. Huobi China CEO Yuan Yuming said at the roundtable forum that through field communication, many companies not only need blockchain solutions, but want a set of digital economy solutions that require blockchain, AI, IoT and other technologies. Cooperate. He also pointed out that there is a complementary and symbiotic relationship between AI and blockchain. AI provides the efficiency of data acquisition for blockchain. Blockchain mobilizes fragmented data for AI. Using the incentive model of the token economy, Nodes are motivated to upload their own data. He believes that government affairs and people's livelihood are the fastest application areas for blockchain applications, because enterprises are profit-seeking, and the government is more motivated to promote application landing as a demonstration project.