360 releases online fraud trend research report: per capita losses from virtual currency scams exceed 130,000

According to Caijing.com, on January 7, 360 Enterprise Security Group and 360 Hunting Platform released the "2019 Cyber ​​Fraud Trends Research Report." The report shows that investment and loan financial fraud are two major types of financial fraud, accounting for 92.2% of total financial fraud. From 23 to 58+ years of age, the most reported fraud is financial fraud. The per capita loss caused by virtual currency fraud is the highest, at 134,522 yuan. Liars cheat under the banner of "blockchain", "digital currency", "bitcoin", and "mining." The report also summarizes the top ten cyber scams in 2019. 360 tips, if you hear the similar words "Blockchain application scene is down, XX coins can make a lot of money lying down", you must be vigilant.