Iran's Bitcoin price has reached $ 36,000, up 20% in 5 days

According to the block rhythm report, data show that the local Bitcoin price in Iran has reached as high as 36,000 US dollars. According to Localbitcoins data, on January 8, suspected to be affected by the US-Iranian relationship, the local Bitcoin price in Iran has soared, and the highest price has exceeded 1.2 billion Iranian rials. According to the official exchange rate, about 36,000 US dollars. On January 3, Localbitcoins showed that the maximum Bitcoin price in Iran was 1 billion Iranian rials, or about $ 30,000. With the tension between the United States and Iran, the price of Bitcoin in Iran has risen by 20%. However, it should be noted that the real exchange rate (civilian exchange rate) of the Iranian rial and the US dollar is much higher than the official exchange rate, so the price of Bitcoin in Iran should actually be less than 36,000 US dollars.