Introduction to Blockchain | How to clarify the blockchain with people of all ages, 4 small stories get in an instant

Blockchain is undoubtedly the hottest word in the technology and financial fields these years. Maybe not everyone can describe what a blockchain is in simple words, but many people have heard of the blockchain, or watched it. To various reports related to the blockchain. How to make the blockchain more accessible and understandable to everyone around you? In this issue, we know that blockchain will help you understand and tell the blockchain through the following stories.

1. How to make clear with grandparents what is blockchain?

The blockchain can be understood as a consensus ledger. Imagine at home that grandma is responsible for household accounting. By the end of the month, grandma finds that the accounts are not correct. At this time, it may be that the grandma has misaccounted, or grandpa secretly bought a cigarette and smoked. This is a traditional accounting method. One or a few people will do the accounting. May be modified.

How does the blockchain account? When you want to spend money, first say to all family members: "I want to spend 2,000 yuan to buy a mobile phone, do you agree?" With the consent of the majority, everyone will take out the account book and write this Billed to everyone's ledger.
Therefore, we find that the blockchain is a decentralized accounting method. From the original minority account to everyone's account, everyone's account book is the same, everyone is the center, this is the blockchain. Centralization. The advantages brought by this kind of bookkeeping are: there will be no errors in the ledger, the ledger is transparent, everyone can record and check, and the ledger cannot be tampered with.

(Left: Centralized Right: Decentralized)

2. How to tell parents what is a blockchain?

Suppose that in your family, Dad will pay a living allowance to her sister who is studying in New York at the end of each month. If you are remittance at China Merchants Bank, then the money will be transferred to other banks and financial intermediaries through China Merchants Bank. After going through multiple intermediaries, these institutions will keep accounts in turn, which is troublesome and time-consuming. Maybe this money may have Five days later, and high fees.

Blockchain is a global network. With the characteristics of distributed bookkeeping in the blockchain, when Dad initiates remittances, all banks and institutions in the remittance link will receive the ledger at the same time and approve it. Remittances have been reduced from a few days to a few minutes now, and dads and sisters can get remittance information at any time.
The distributed ledger of the blockchain is booked by one party, and after the book is sent, the ledger is sent to the relevant people, and everyone confirms the ledger at the same time, instead of approving one by one. After determining that the ledger is correct, everyone will have to acknowledge the information in the ledger.

3. How to make clear to the subject what is a blockchain?

You chat with your girlfriend WeChat, and you say to her, "You are in charge of the money after we get married", but it was just a sweet talk that was hot in the head. As a result, your girlfriend sent a screenshot of this sentence to the circle of friends and said: If he doesn't follow the agreement in the future, you have to prove it for me. " Her parents, her girlfriends, your parents and your friends all saw it and saved it to their phones.

This will not allow you to repudiate. After marriage, you don't want to pay the private house money. All of your friends will take screenshots (ledgers) to testify. The screenshots clearly indicate what time you said.

On the blockchain, everyone has a ledger (database), everyone can upload information, and verify and verify the information publicly available on the entire network. All information is clearly and clearly recorded. Few people can modify the information. It is almost impossible to deny.

4. How to tell children what is blockchain?

During the Chinese New Year, Xiaoming received 2,000 yuan from the seven aunts and eight aunts. The routine used by parents is: "Xiao Ming, let's keep it for you, my father and mother," usually under the circumstances. At this time, if the mother said, "Xiao Ming, put the money with your father and buy snacks for you. In order to be open and transparent, the three of us have a ledger. Every time we buy snacks and spend money, we are in our own ledger. Record it on the Internet so you can see and feel it. "

Xiaoming thought: "Then I'm going to buy a lot of snacks," and agreed, so the three of them recorded on their account books: On a certain day of the year, Xiaoming saved 2,000 yuan with his father, and the snacks cost 100 yuan on that day, leaving 1900 yuan. So happily took 100 yuan to buy snacks.

Similar to the first story, the distributed ledger can realize multi-party common reconciliation, making transactions transparent, queryable, traceable, and non-tamperable, thereby protecting the rights and interests of multiple parties in a transaction.

From the above story, we can simply summarize: the blockchain has the characteristics of distributed accounting (everyone's accounting), decentralization (everyone is central), open and transparent information, and cannot be tampered with.