Bitcoin experts Antonopoulos and Andrew O'Hagan to attend CSW case

Andreas Antonopoulos, author of the book "Mastering Bitcoin", attended the CSW court indictment against the embezzlement of David (Dave) Kleiman's 1.1 million bitcoins on January 7. London book review author Andrew O'Hagan will appear in court for the case on January 15. It is reported that Andreas Antonopoulos confronted the CSW as a witness for the plaintiff David Kleiman. Andreas Antonopoulos disclosed that CSW lawyers had invited him as a witness for CSW, but Antonopoulos rejected the proposal and said he did not know who was Satoshi Nakamoto. Andrew O'Hagan will serve as the defendant's CSW witness. According to the news in December 2019, the latest development of the David Kleiman case is that for the court's decision that CSW needs to give a portion of Bitcoin to David Kleiman's brother, CSW stated that without private key access, BTC owed to Kleiman cannot be returned.