Huawei will build a hive of energy and new energy battery block chain 5G platform

On January 8, the high-end new power of China Power Battery signed a contract with Huawei on behalf of Hive Energy, and the two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in multiple areas of enterprise cloud technology applications. It is understood that the cooperation with Hive Energy is the first time that Huawei's cloud platform has been electrocuted in the field of power batteries. Huawei will provide cellular energy information technology, digital, intelligent building services, support business development of digital cellular energy. According to the progress of information technology and the demands of cellular energy business and projects, providing business system architecture design, implementation of cloud-based, intelligent digital platform construction and the demands of new technologies (block chain applications, 5G, AI, security services, etc. ).

Specifically, Huawei will combine cloud technology trends, provides cellular energy-related business scenario, the two sides will discuss cooperation in the development of new energy storage of large data cloud platform.