Fuzhou promotes the protection of ancient badgers and focuses on the integration of modern technologies such as blockchain

On January 8, the fourth meeting of the Fifteenth National People's Congress of Fuzhou came to an end. The General Assembly voted and passed the "Decision on Further Promoting the Protection of Fuzhou Ancient Cricket" (hereinafter referred to as the "Decision"), demonstrating Fuzhou's determination and confidence in protecting the ancient Cricket. The "Decision" proposes to explore new paths for the activation and utilization of ancient dwellings, so that the protection of ancient dwellings and the improvement of people's livelihood, urban and rural construction complement each other; focus on the integration of modern technologies such as the Internet, big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, etc. The ancient urns are rejuvenated, creating a concentrated area of ​​ancient buildings that reflects cultural characteristics, regional characteristics, cultural heritage, and historical relics.