Shenzhen CPPCC members suggest the establishment of an onshore trading center for offshore digital currency operations of the central bank in Shenzhen

The reporter learned from the Shenzhen Municipal Political Consultative Conference that a number of preliminary proposals submitted to the Sixth Session of the Sixth Session of the CPPCC will provide suggestions and suggestions around "financial technology" from various perspectives such as overall planning, technology ecology, and personnel training. CPPCC members Zhu Dongbo, Jiang Hua, and Zhuang Guixiong jointly proposed to seize development opportunities in the Greater Bay Area and build Shenzhen into a global financial technology innovation center. CPPCC members Guo Jian and Hu Xianghai gave their own proposals around Shenzhen's commercial trial of central bank digital currency international trade. It is suggested to implement digital currency quotas for key import and export enterprises in Shenzhen and carry out pilot work on import and export trade settled by the central bank digital currency. It is proposed to set up an offshore trading center for offshore digital currency business of the central bank in Shenzhen. CPPCC member Li Ning proposed in the proposal that Shenzhen should strengthen the first-mover advantage of fintech innovation and build a fintech innovation demonstration zone in the Greater Bay Area.