2050 Conference | Hu Mengdi, Co-founder of Babbitt Accelerator: Blockchain is the key link in the intersection of cutting-edge technology

Babbitt reported on the afternoon of April 27th that Ba Mengdi co-founder Hu Mengdi delivered a speech entitled "New Opportunities for Blockchain Crossing" on the central stage of the 2050 conference. Hu Mengdi said that the blockchain is the key link for the intersection of cutting-edge technology. "Blockchain + artificial intelligence" can realize the sharing and trading of intelligence and computing power to form an open AI ecosystem; "blockchain + Internet of Things" can Form a trusted closed loop of data line acquisition and online circulation; "blockchain + big data" can clarify data ownership to promote open sharing of data; "blockchain + cloud computing" can be reduced by building a BaaS platform The blockchain deployment threshold. She also pointed out that the cross-border application scenarios of blockchain include digital information deposit, supply chain finance, cross-border remittance, international trade, online loan business and supervision, P2P energy trading, and ecological protection.