Survey: Nearly 40% of netizens believe that the blockchain cannot completely solve the problem of open funds and transparency

According to a survey by the Public Welfare Times-"Can Blockchains Help Public Welfare Improve Public Trust?". The survey results show that currently more than half of netizens do not understand what a blockchain is; nearly 40% of netizens believe that blockchain technology cannot completely solve the problem of the flow of funds to openness and transparency. "The issue of credibility will not be caused by a new technology. Completely resolved. " Regarding the shortcomings of "blockchain + public welfare", 42.2% of netizens believe that "information on-chain work is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and non-profit organizations need to pay a lot of energy"; 41% of netizens said "whether public welfare organizations upload and how to make The correct choice of application is a practical issue "; 2.9% said that users need a long acceptance process, and blockchain technology must gradually mature.