2019, I am on the spot 丨 Today, are you γ201?

This is the story of two Babbits. This is a γ201 story.

Encountering the blockchain: chance and necessity

At the beginning of 2018, Xu Xiaoping, the founder of Zhenge Fund, shouted that "the blockchain revolution has arrived" changed the trajectory of many people's destiny. At the time, Tang Xialing felt that the dividend of the new media was coming to an end, and I was thinking about my future career direction. At that time, I ended my 5 years in Australia and was looking for new development opportunities. Because of the blockchain, in May of that year, the first day I joined Babbitt, I saw the editor-in-chief who came to the company a few weeks earlier than me.

Tang Xialing is an experienced media person for 8 years and has won the China News Award, the highest award in China. Entering the blockchain industry is accidental and inevitable. By chance, a friend recommended her to interview the editor-in-chief of Babbitt. At that time, Xu Xiaoping embraced the shouting of the blockchain revolution, which was one of her limited cognitions of the blockchain. She knows the media herself, and the industry has a future. Although new things often mean high risks, she has an adventure gene in her bones. She sees opportunities. At the same time, the experience of investigative reporters has allowed her to always uphold a sense of responsibility. Facing the "wild west" of the blockchain, she remains firmly a notary witness and an honest recorder. Therefore, entering Babbitt became a certain necessity.

I am an engineering youth of the "Buddha Department", and after graduation, I have a leisurely and relaxed "retirement life" in Australia. In 2014, Emporium Melbourne opened in Melbourne. I saw a Bitcoin ATM in the mall. The price of more than 400 Australian dollars (more than 2000 RMB) is my first real impression of Bitcoin. In October 2015, as a loyal subscriber to The Economist, I saw the cover article "The Trust Machine". Trust machine is my first knowledge of the blockchain. In the end, the blockchain boom in 2017 transformed me from a layman who knew a little bit or two into a person interested in blockchain, and eventually prompted me to become a member of the Babbitt pirate ship in the blockchain tide. The accidental cascading has also become inevitable in the meditation.

From "Outsider" to "Insider", the editor-in-chief and I started the journey of the blockchain, recording the magnificent changes in the industry at the scene, and passing the value of the blockchain to more people.

2019, I am on site

2019 is a year of running around. Throughout the year, I flew 58439 kilometers, leaving footprints in 10 cities. Token 2049, I ran the venue, ran Party, and walked into Lan Kwai Fong for the first time; at the EOS press conference, I rushed to the scene “the shortest press conference in history” to witness the fans from expectations to disappointment; In the theater next to the Golden Gate Strait, I broadcasted to the world the wonderful achievements of the original chain development community for one year; the Wanxiang Summit, in 2 days, I saw the future of blockchain + AI + 5G; the Miner Summit mining summit, I Sitting at the booth of Babbitt, listening to the domestic and foreign mining industry leaders talking and laughing; Hainan Free Trade Port Digital Economy and Blockchain International Cooperation Forum, I worked with many media colleagues and personally visited the blockchain ministerial group visit. Washington, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Chengdu, Shenzhen … I recorded every bit of the blockchain in 2019 at the scene.

In 2019, Babbitt also held 4 very meaningful activities. January, "Forensics 2019". Seven lists, a white paper, and a new book. We use data to prove value, and time to temper value, to find a solution to the cold winter of the blockchain. In May, "2019 Global Blockchain (Hangzhou) Summit Forum". In Hangzhou, a highland for the development of domestic blockchains, we take the pulse of the development of blockchains, embrace the commercial era, and welcome the global industrial change. In November, "2019 World Blockchain Conference · Wuzhen". Blockchain has no boundaries, but applications have no boundaries. In the world's important source of Internet innovation and development, in the tide of industrial blockchain set off by the policy wind, we have drawn a blueprint for the new decade of blockchain. In December, "Ling Listening to the 2020 New Year's Speech". We used a 3-hour speech to summarize 2019, look forward to 2020, look at the trend from the cycle, and look for the future in a positive attitude in chaos.

During the four events, the editor-in-chief and I stayed together, and she gradually walked from behind the scenes to the stage. In January, she was the organizer and planner; in May, she stepped onto the stage, stood under the spotlight, and became the host; in November, she stood at the Wuzhen Internet International Conference Center and addressed more than 3,000 participants ; In December, she leaned back on a 100-page PPT to find a sense of blockchain certainty for 400 listeners at the scene, and wrote a perfect chapter for the world's first blockchain multi-year speech. In the tide of history, we are all writers of history. However, while the editor-in-chief is recording, he has gradually become the person being recorded, leaving his mark on the history of the blockchain. In 2019, she is not only on the scene, but also "on the scene".

Weizhong Bank Ma Zhitao, Ant Financial Services Jiang Guofei, Jia Nan Yunzhi Kong Jianping, Ethereum Vitalik Buterin, Poca Gavin Wood, EOS BB, Cardano Charles Hoskinson … We write many observations and reflections on Big Name , Let more people feel the penetrating power and insight of the industry elite. 298 articles, the answers we handed to 2019.

Are you γ201 today?

Ling listened to a model in the 2020 New Year's speech, where γ represents the positive social influence of technology, and the 1024 speech is a typical representative of this active factor. In the figure, 1 represents people who are interested in the blockchain, that is, Interested people; those who have deep belief in the blockchain, have knowledge, and have invested time and energy in it are defined as user, which is 2; There are also our family, friends, and former colleagues. Those of us who are positioned as 0 are connected to the blockchain and may be affected, that is, potential user, which is 0. And γ201 means that users are positively affecting potential users, making them interested people.


This model uses data and charts to prove that the γ201 ratio determines the true value of the emerging technology market . A more plain and straightforward expression, so that more people understand the blockchain, from 0 to 1, can make the value chassis of the blockchain more stable.

Different experiences led the editor and me to enter the blockchain world in two different ways. But all the same thing is that we all go from 0 to 1 and finally to 2 because of other people's γ201. And we who became 2 are carrying our own γ201 on the front line of the industry.

"Ling listens to three things a year: write 12 manuscripts, produce a book, and make a New Year's speech." This is the flag that the editor-in-chief created for himself last September. Facing 2020, Ling Ting column is still an important force for her γ201. At the same time, the Babbitt industrial blockchain channel emerged in response to the times. Training, consulting, and technical solutions have also become new challenges for the editor in 2020.

Babbitt's friends and I are still fighting on the front line of the content, looking for more interesting stories, interviewing more interesting people, recording more interesting ideas, and launching more interesting activities. We will still fight on the front line of γ201, let more people know the blockchain, understand the blockchain, and invest in the blockchain.

In front of the blockchain is the sea of ​​stars, and we need more people on the road to the future. Perhaps the media person naturally shoulders the task of γ201, but I want to say that I also want more people to say to themselves and those around them:

"Today, are you gamma 201?"