2019, I'm on the scene | Idealism to the left, Realism to the right, this is a contradictory world

In 2019, this is my second year in the blockchain world.

As a Babbitt reporter, I went to many cities, attended many conferences, interviewed many people, and witnessed many historical events. Of course, I also wrote many articles.

This year, I am very touched that this is a world full of opposition and contradiction, which is chaotic, disorderly and unbalanced.

Many beautiful things can turn into bad things in a blink of an eye. Good and bad exist in this world at the same time.

Many people come because of idealism, but in the end, they have to face realism.

Because of this, strange stories are staged here. But, fortunately, there is heaven in hell. Without these contradictions, it would never be so exciting here.

Here are 2019 and some of my thoughts in my eyes, what about yours?

Dilemma concept

Good project and air coin, is the difference only the price?

In February, the Hangzhou offline meetup of the Grin community was held in a small library. This was the earliest Meetup after the Grin mainnet went online. There were less than 20 people at the scene. Xiong Yue from the Coin Trust Research Institute reluctantly said that there are few people and everyone can speak freely.

Grin took shape in 2017, the craziest ICO of the ICO, but instead of choosing financing, it insisted on community donation + volunteer development. If ICO, it is bound to be an aircraft carrier project. The three no tags without ICO, no pre-digging, and no investors have attracted many high-end fans.

However, in 2019, Grin opened higher and lowered, and the super project got out of the third-rate project. Due to the anonymous community and no one to govern, the Foundation complained that no one had donated, and many proposals and problems could not be solved. The price has dropped 90% from its highest point. Many people talk, Grin is a scam, in order to find a way for the GPU miner.

I understand that no matter how beautiful a project is, the price of tokens is not up, and in some people's eyes, it may be air.

Start an ideal business and pay for reality

In January in Shanghai, the north wind was steep. At 4 pm, I appeared in the core chain's office near Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park in Shanghai. An open space where more than thirty people were quietly busy, including several foreigners with yellow hair and high nose bridge. .

At that time, Bitcoin plunged below $ 4,000, and the industry entered a cold winter with the season. Babbitt launched the "Winter Avoidance Action" and wanted to speak for outstanding projects in the winter. Wang Xiaoming and his core chain were one of them. At that time, Yuzhu was still the CMO of the core chain. She suggested that I focus on the theme: stick to the cold winter to usher in the spring harvest.

Many chat contents with Wang Xiaoming have forgotten, only that the core chain is the only industry in the industry that uses software and hardware in combination to enhance the public chain TPS. Looking at the article, he found that "if the belief is what you recognize and insist on, then the process will not be so uncomfortable."

At the end of 2019, major changes took place in the core chain team, and the project was returned to the community. The three co-founders and half of the full-time employees decided to leave. Some people said that this is actually a run-off, and this has become the epitome of many public chain teams in 2019. Today, Xiaoming Wang is still at the core chain, he said, "It's not easy to set out, it's harder to stick to it."

I understand that when the public chain starts a business, there is no turning back. Entrepreneurs on the public chain, while enjoying wealth creation, also have to face the insults that failure may bring. For ideal entrepreneurship, they also have to pay for reality.

Technology developers, speculators, they are in the same boat

In July, the 2019 Distributed Storage Application Summit was held in Shenzhen. The members of the Protocol Lab were invited to China for the first time. I rushed to the scene early. Unlike many activities, there are many "middle-aged and elderly people" in the splendid hotel. They put out scissors and took photos in front of the wall. I thought to myself that this is really Shenzhen.

The first to share the stage was Colin Evran, the head of the Protocolco Filecoin project. He said that he was working hard to learn Chinese and was very happy to see the support of the protocol lab in China, a large community. But before sharing, he first made a disclaimer:

1. The speech is only for education and community building, and does not endorse any individual or company. 2. It is not recommended to purchase any new mining machine until the test online. 3. Don't buy Filecoin tokens, because it can't be traded yet.

He said that the FIlecoin project addresses four issues. They are decentralized storage, efficient storage market, verifiable and immutable data, and data version control. It will be the technical facility of WEB3.0.

I ask people around, do you know what he is talking about? They shook their heads without exception and said no. But this is not important. They believe that their IPFS mining machine can bring them huge wealth in the future. The FIL in 2019 is the BTC in 2009.

Colin Evran's happiness may be "tangled". The group of four who had finished sharing quickly left the scene under the escort of security personnel, as if fleeing.

I understand that some people cultivate technology, while others only want to speculate on coins, but they may be grasshoppers on a boat. The reality is so simple.

There are people who care about technology and don't want to discuss price

In March, the sharing session of "Ethereum Ecology-Development and Future of the Ice Age" was held in Hangzhou. The ICO function was weakened, the world's computers became more and more blocked, 2.0 continued to bounce tickets, and the founding members left … Almost all guests were to Ether Fang was apprehensive, so I wrote an article about this: Time for V God and Ethereum is running out.

I was only one step away from V God. It was during a small Ethereum technical seminar. In a small space, V God sat against the wall. In front of it were more than 40 questioners carefully selected by the organizer. , More people who want to see V god "Fang Rong" are blocked out of the glass door.

I started playing computer at the age of 4, started writing games at the age of 12, and created Ethereum at the age of 21. It's hard to believe that the boy in front of whom can bite the water bottle with his teeth has created a new world comparable to Bitcoin. In China, a group of industry elites came a long way and just wanted to ask him if a certain code was reasonable.

V God is a rare person in the leader of the public chain who insists on outputting technical, economic and governance articles. Ethereum is also the rarest in the public chain in the developer ecosystem, the value and liquidity of crypto assets, market awareness and word of mouth. Multi-dimensional leading project.

God V said that most of the time technical solutions can be found, but human problems make him a headache, and it is difficult for him to make everyone happy. To make currency speculators unhappy, this is the biggest problem of "Ethereum" projects, precisely, "V gods" are unwilling to talk about price.

I understand that some people are good at telling stories and pulling prices, but some people are more concerned about technology.

Being an aboriginal, not being a migratory bird, let alone being a hurry

In another day, Babbitt will be dispatched to Hainan to hold the annual meeting, and last year's annual meeting was still vivid.

That day, Chang Yan came to the stage to give a speech. He didn't talk about our achievements in 2018. Everyone will make persistent efforts in 2019 and eat and drink tonight. He turned out to be like attending the event, using PPT to talk about Babbitt's positioning, character, and values.

He said that history is long and the future is long. Being an aboriginal, not a migratory bird, is not a passerby. He said that between small and big, always choose big. He said that between long-term and short-term interests, always choose the long-term. He said that between simple and difficult mode, always choose the hell mode.

The blockchain world is contradictory and complex, but we always stand on the side of trends and good technology, and are not afraid of wind and rain.

There is a small group of Babbit Information Department. The name of the group is "a group of pirates' unique talents". They believe in an open, free and adventurous pirate culture.

In 2020, the world is still contradictory. With rationalism, facing realism, we are heading for a new continent.