Crypto quantitative trading platform provider AlgoTrader AG completes $ 3.8 million in Series A financing

Swiss automatic algorithmic trading platform provider AlgoTrader AG on Wednesday announced the end of the first round of financing, the final fund-raising 3.7 million Swiss francs (US $ 3.8 million). This round of financing was led by an unnamed tier one bank, with BlockChain Valley Ventures and NeueCapital participating, the latter also an investor in the company's seed round. AlgoTrader Chairman and CEO Andy Flury said in a statement: "We will establish a dominant position in five key areas through this financing: the vision, products, customer support, and expert team of industry partnerships." Note: AlgoTrader founded in 2014, dedicated to multiple asset classes including encryption currency, including the establishment of automatic quantitative trading platform. Its business structure is divided into two categories: one is the traditional banking business, the other is encrypted currency business.