Bitcoin Core developers: Bitcoin build time has decreased by 42% since its peak and has dropped to 135 seconds

Bitcoin Core contributor and guest author Michael Ford of BitMEX Research recently published a report on improvements to the Bitcoin build system, while also expanding his efforts to eliminate third-party software dependencies such as OpenSSL). The report analyzes the results of tests conducted by Ford. The results show that starting from the Core 0.13.2 client, the number of packages built in Bitcoin Core 0.19.99 has decreased by 44%, and the build time has decreased by 42% since the peak. To 135 seconds.


Source: Pixabay

"This work improves software security by reducing the attack surface and improving software performance."

According to Ford, the build system is one of the less attractive but important components of Bitcoin's core code base. He explained that it controls how the code is configured and compiled, and how the code interacts with dependencies, "helping us build fully copyable binaries that many Bitcoin users are running."

Ford also talked about removing support for BIP70 from Bitcoin Core, a longstanding issue that includes security holes, privacy issues, and incompatibilities between implementations.

"BIP70 is also one of the last parts of the codebase that requires OpenSSL, which prevents its removal."

The Bitcoin core developer also mentioned how to reduce the dependency of the macOS platform. The macOS binaries are built against the six fewer dynamic libraries using the latest code library links (DiskArbitration, Security, SystemConfiguration, OpenGL, AGL and CFNetwork ).

In addition, security improvements have been made to the macOS platform, such as dynamic library checks during the build process, and "location-independent executables" and "NOUNDEFS" have been added to the security check script.