Taiwanese startups showcase smart technology solutions such as blockchain at CES 2020

Several startups in Taiwan, China are showing a variety of smart technology solutions at CES 2020, including fingerprint recognition, blockchain and data visualization technologies to enhance online retail security, protect personal medical records, and promote smart mobile services. For example: KeyXentic, which is dedicated to mobile and data security services, demonstrated its biometric, multi-factor authentication and public key infrastructure (PKI) technology solutions to improve the security of online payments; AuthenTrend Technology's e-wallet solution can be integrated Fingerprint recognition and EAL5 + SE (secure element) technology reduce the chance of theft of the wallet; SecuX Technology's encrypted point-to-point payment system allows retail terminals to connect with POS terminal systems, or allows self-service terminals to communicate with near field communication (NFC) sensors. Embedded modules are connected to improve transaction security; International Trust Machines' blockchain integrated circuit solution uses cryptographic security algorithms to achieve high security, privacy protection, and low-cost Internet of Things uplinks, while KryptoGo uses blocks Chain search engines to improve the usability and readability of digital data.