Turing Award winner Yao Zhizhi set up R & D institution in Shanghai to carry out basic research on "tree map blockchain"

Shanghai Zhizhi Research Institute and Shanghai Shutu Blockchain Research Institute were unveiled this afternoon. These two new research and development institutions focusing on basic research were led by Turing Award winner, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and dean of the Institute of Interdisciplinary Information of Tsinghua University. It was established to enhance the function of Shanghai's scientific and technological innovation strategy in the fields of artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and blockchain. Unlike the Jizhi Research Institute, the Shanghai Shutu Blockchain Research Institute is a new type of private non-enterprise research and development institution, initiated by Professor Long Fan and others. The "tree map block chain" is a low-level system that breaks through the traditional chain structure of the blockchain. A tree structure is embedded in a "directed acyclic graph", hence the name "tree map". After the establishment of the Treemap Blockchain Research Institute, Yao Qizhi and Long Fan will lead a multi-disciplinary scientific research team to carry out basic research on the "Treemap Blockchain" and choose decentralized depository, cross-border payment, government affairs on-chain and audit, etc. Benchmarking application scenarios, transforming scientific and technological achievements, while reducing the cost of blockchain applications, ensuring system security and controllable risks.