98% of Stellar's inflation plan tokens go to its development foundation, and only a small portion is used for community projects

According to a recent CoinMetrics report, 98% of the tokens issued by the Stellar inflation plan went to the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF). The CoinMetrics report states that during the four years Stellar implemented the inflation system, only 23 recipient accounts shared 5.482 billion XLM, and these accounts included some of the largest XLM holders in the market, including SDF, cryptocurrency exchanges, and communities Projects and Inflation Pools (Merge inflation destination accounts together for more rewards). But among these accounts, only SDF actually benefits. According to the report, from October 2015 to October 2019, 98% of the tokens generated by Stellar inflation were used for SDF. CoinMetrics pointed out that this result may be due to the fact that SDF controls 80% of XLM liquidity, so it designated itself as the inflation destination account, so it gained the largest share. At the same time, it has been involved in the XLM inflation process earlier than other market holders, which is one of the reasons why SDF has a large share of tokens. The report states that so far only 834,000 XLM (about $ 41,000) has been used for community projects.