More than the original chain and young people around the world due to technology 2050 conference

Today, the original chain team was invited to participate in the 2050 conference held in Yunqi Town, Hangzhou. Young people from all over the world met here because of technology. “Building a city of wisdom on the blockchain” is one of the themes of the 2050 Freshmen Forum. This is a speech entitled “Blocking of blockchains and the wave of urban big data” than Ma Qianli, the director of the original chain operations. Participants introduced the contradiction between the underlying logic and technological innovations of the original chain and how to use its underlying technology to address the growing data processing and limited computing power. The event site is surrounded by young people who are “made by technology” than the original chain booth. As the new generation of the technology world, they are deeply attracted by the charm of the blockchain. Blockchain technology represents the expectation and imagination of our generation for the future. Cultivating more technical talents is an important driving force for its development. It is attracting the world through hackathon, bounty missions and development challenges. Technology enthusiasts are involved, and we hope that we can create a better world through technology.