Ningbo Yinzhou District Smart Vegetable Market 3.0 project is launched, and it will shift to digital supervision through blockchain and other technologies in the future

On January 7, the Wisdom Vegetable Market in Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province was officially launched at the Luzhou Lianxin Vegetable Market. The Yinzhou District Smart Vegetable Farm 3.0 project was jointly constructed by Ali, Citydo Group, City Bank, Bank of China, Hungry Me, Keruyun, and Bank of China. The 3.0 model is mainly characterized by incremental operations, data center, and online-offline integration. It enables cross-platform integration of systems such as visual information display of smart farmer systems, smart hardware, food traceability, online operations, and blockchain certificate storage. In the future, the smart vegetable farm will be further improved. For example, the second phase of the smart vegetable farm will be transformed from manual supervision to digital supervision through the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain to realize smart supervision such as field appearance, license management, and food traceability.