Gansu Governor Tang Renjian Announces: Gansu Blockchain Trust Infrastructure Platform Launched

"Digital Gansu Ruyi Chain"-Gansu Provincial Blockchain Development and Application Launch Conference was held on January 9 in Lanzhou. Gansu Provincial Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Governor Tang Renjian announced at the press conference that the Gansu Blockchain Trust Infrastructure Platform was launched. Tang Renjian said that companies in all cities, prefectures, departments, and cities should take this conference as an opportunity to solidly promote blockchain technology innovation, infrastructure construction, and policy research, and expand blockchain in nonferrous metals, cultural tourism, channel logistics, and intellectual property In the application scenarios of government and government services, we will accelerate the creation of a blockchain industrial cluster area, an innovation-leading area, and an application-leading area, and comprehensively build a multi-dimensional industrial ecosystem that supports the development of blockchain.