Analysis: the proportion of long positions has dropped, and Bitcoin has an important price

BFX.NU research members said that the proportion of longs in the futures market had dropped significantly before noon today, and had been reduced from 57.2% to 53.95%. Because most of the futures investors who enter the market open long operations near Bitcoin 7800-8000 USD, this price has also become an important psychological barrier. Recently, some AltCoins still appear to be independent of Bitcoin, and there is no obvious break in the rising channel. It is expected that the main part of the future will be support shocks. In the mainstream currency futures sector, NEO, ALGO, XTZ and other 10 types of contracts increased short-term positions significantly, while ATOM, XMR, EOS and other 16 types of contracts showed a trend of reducing positions; platform currency futures section, BNB contracts appeared large-scale short-term positions, The overall long position is position-oriented, while the overall increase and decrease of HT and OKB contracts is different, and the frequency of intraday trading has decreased significantly.