People's Daily: Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone-Introducing "Blockchain" and Strengthening "Jinkechuang"

Source: People's Daily

Author: Liu Tai

Not long ago, the seventh "Denghu on the Sword" fintech innovation competition ended in Foshan, Guangdong. As a national blockchain event held by the Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone, the seventh "Lenghu Sword" was launched in September 2019. It seeks to seek blockchain technology across the country around the technical difficulties and pain points of financial technology innovation. The project promotes the deep link of industry, capital, and innovation teams, and is known as the "Innovative and Entrepreneurship New Brand of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area".

For more than two years, Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone has taken “blockchain +” as a breakthrough point, and built a “blockchain +” fintech industry cluster base, attracting more than 40 fintech innovation teams to settle in, and using fintech methods to better Serving the real economy.

Cultivate industrial ecology

Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone is located in Qiandenghu area of ​​Nanhai District, Foshan. After 12 years of development, it has transformed from a vegetable field into an "international financial back-office base" and a "modern industrial financial center." In 2018, Guangdong Financial High-tech Development Zone took blockchain technology as the starting point to vigorously develop the fintech industry, including the release of "blockchain +" fintech implementation opinions and support measures, the launch of the second phase of the innovative venture capital investment guidance fund, and an investment of 3000 10,000 yuan to build a blockchain industry gathering base, carry out a three-month talent cultivation project, hold a series of "Lenghu Swords" competitions, and strive to build a blockchain industry ecology and cultivate new competitive advantages.

In August 2019, the "Digital Bay Area Intelligent View of the Future" digital economic innovation development summit forum was unveiled in Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone, discussing how 5G, big data, blockchain and other new technologies led the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to accelerate industrial upgrading To build a world-class "Digital Bay Area." At the meeting, the Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone Investment Alliance Chain was officially released. This is an investment alliance chain with investment institutions as the main body. Antmi Fund, Guotai Junan and other 50 well-known private equity venture capital institutions "on the chain" to promote transparent and standardized financial investment.

"In the past, an investment institution invested in an enterprise, and now investment institutions of multiple member units jointly invest in an enterprise, and then invest in it together." Zhang Jinxi, the first group of investment alliance seats and chairman of Antmi Holdings Co., Ltd. explained.

Extending to people's livelihood

Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone actively explores the application of scenarios, promotes "blockchain +" into the field of people's livelihood, and provides smarter, more convenient and better public services.

In August 2019, the China Machine Industry Industrial Intelligent Alliance Chain was officially launched. It is the first industrial blockchain project based on blockchain + IoT technology in the country, which realizes the interconnection of digitalization of intelligent industrial data assets and the value of industrial digital rights. ——On the one hand, the Internet of Things technology is used to link and summarize the industrial machine tool data of domestic and foreign brand enterprises, and upstream and downstream industrial transactions can be shared; on the other hand, blockchain technology is used to implement data tracing, confirmation, credit enhancement, and exchange. , To achieve distributed production, full nodes, full tracking, supply chain financial access, industrial data value and encrypted exchange. In this way, not only the use of financial technology to better serve the real economy, but also provides new ideas for the development of the real economy.

In October 2019, the "Grain Link Chain" project was unveiled again in Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone, with more than 40 online companies. The project is based on the “Three Eyes Bridge” grain industry cluster effect in Hedong, Dali Town, Nanhai District. It embeds functions such as food traceability, supply chain management, and supply chain finance. It establishes full-process data sharing, improves food safety, and becomes a “blockchain + "Food industry" innovation platform.

Experts believe that the application prospect of financial technology industry in Nanhai is broad. There are 38 specialized markets only on both sides of Guangfo Road connecting Foshan and Guangzhou, with an annual transaction value of more than 600 billion yuan. The application scenarios of blockchain technology such as supply chain management, supply chain finance, and cross-border trade are broad.

Improve the hatching mechanism

Seizing the opportunity, being brave in innovation, and constantly exploring the "three-chain" integration of the innovation chain, application chain, and value chain are important reasons for the emergence, cross-border integration, and healthy development of the "block chain +" fintech industry in Guangdong's financial high-tech zones.

In early 2018, Nanhai launched five major measures, including the introduction of support policies, the establishment of service platforms, the construction of industrial clusters, the establishment of industrial development funds, and the promotion and application of technological achievements. At the same time, 10 supporting policies were introduced to cover key areas of corporate growth such as enterprise settlement, talent introduction, increased operating income, application of blockchain technology scenarios, financing, etc., and attracted Jinkechuang enterprise teams to gather and develop.

Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone also invested in transforming Foshan's private financial street, building a "blockchain +" fintech industry incubation center, and introducing more than 40 teams, of which 5 companies were identified as the first batch of "blockchain +" fintech companies The project covers application scenarios such as smart retail, supply chain finance, supply chain management, and blockchain security detection.

The person in charge of the Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone Management Committee said that the next step will continue to incubate and cultivate a group of outstanding fintech companies, accelerate the integration of artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing and other technologies with the industry, and create a “block of the Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Greater Bay Area Chain + "Fintech Innovation and Application Heights.