Crypto analysts: Bitcoin may rebound to $ 20,000 in July 2020

Crypto analyst Financial Survivalism said that the Bitcoin (BTC) indicator heralded a recovery in the price of Bitcoin, and that by July 2020, the price of Bitcoin would surge to an all-time high of $ 20,000. He said that behind this optimism are some fundamental and technical developments. Fundamentally, BTC seems to benefit from capital flight, as risk-averse traders monetize assets for stability and hedging. As tensions in the United States and Iran turned to the bad side, the price of Bitcoin also rose slightly, rebounding from last year's lows and breaking through the psychological resistance of $ 8,000. Technically, in the lower time frame, especially in 4 hours, a bullish signal-the Golden Cross has appeared, there is a possibility that buyers and uptrends will continue.