Donghua Software transferred 5.04% of shares to Tencent, having previously announced that it will jointly develop blockchain applications with Tencent

Blockchain concept shareholder Hua Software released an announcement that the actual controllers and concerted parties Jianshui Tongxin, Xue Xiangdong, and Guo Yumei intend to transfer 157 million shares of the company they hold in total and agree to transfer them to Tencent Technology, which accounts for the company's total 5.04% of the share capital. The transfer price was 9.171 yuan / share, and the total price was 1.441 billion yuan. This share transfer does not involve changes in the company's control. Tencent Technology will hold 5.04% of the shares. The transaction will clarify the company's long-term core strategic partnership with Tencent. Prior to October 2019, Donghua Software had announced that in the future, the company and Tencent would jointly develop the application of blockchain technology.