Beijing News: New technology applications such as blockchain are providing new opportunities for government data fusion and sharing

On January 10, the Beijing News published a "4 Key Words to See the Development Trends of Smart Cities in 2020". When referring to the digital government, one of the four keywords, the article stated that in the face of a large amount of government data across systems, departments, and business information sharing and business collaboration needs, the application of new technologies such as blockchain is greatly improving wisdom. The city's supply capacity provides new opportunities for the integration and sharing of government data and the development of a new generation of government cloud. Based on the "distributed" characteristics of the blockchain, it is possible to break through the "data barriers" between departments and achieve information and data sharing. At the same time, in the field of public services, the blockchain can realize the cross-departmental and cross-regional maintenance and utilization of government affairs data, bringing a better government service experience for citizens.