Shanghai Pudong Notary Office Launches "Data Depository Platform" and "Certificate Blockchain Platform"

The Shanghai Pudong Notary Office's letter block chain and data storage platform have been successfully launched for trial operation a few days ago. "Data storage platform" adopts blockchain and cloud computing technology to realize real-time storage of data. Users can remotely implement data storage and remote evidence collection within 24 hours. Its business scope includes data storage, remote collection and lottery lottery. Services, to achieve full data storage from evidence storage to evidence collection, demonstration to proof. In addition, the bottom layer of the data storage platform is connected with the credit blockchain, and the data is stored on the blockchain platform in real time. The first batch of blockchain nodes of the "Zhengxin Blockchain Platform" is composed of Shanghai Pudong Notary Office, Shanghai Computer Association Forensic Laboratory, Hansheng Law Firm, and Hangzhou Xiabi Youshen Technology Company.