New Progress in Kleiman v. CSW: CSW Submits "Tulip Trust III" Document

The ongoing legal dispute between BSV supporter CSW and its former business partner, the late David Kleiman, has seen some progress recently. According to documents from the South Florida District Court, the plaintiff received a total of 428 documents on January 6. One of these documents is called "Tulip Trust III". CSW reportedly marked the document as "confidential." According to Judge Reinhart, the original documents of the Tulip Trust Fund left more questions than it could provide. CSW later said that this was because there was more than one document. He then created Tulip Trust II. The document submitted yesterday referred for the first time to a third document related to this matter.

The plaintiff responded to CSW's request for confidentiality, stating that he should have the opportunity to hide from the court any potentially sensitive, irrelevant information contained in the documents. However, the Kleiman legal team does not believe that the entire document should be kept confidential. Therefore, the plaintiff requested that the defendant be given 10 days to submit the amendment proposal to the court. Yesterday's documents indicated that the Tulip Trust III document should have been submitted in advance at the request of the court. It also mentioned that CSW did not provide reasons for the delay in submitting the document, and it was not even known about the plaintiff's submission of the document.