What if your visa is an NFT?

Author: 0x29

Source: BlockBeats

Non-homogeneity tokens (NFT) recent high heat, there should be two reasons, the development of their own good, coupled with the "peer off", such as just.game.

Even in blessing Fomo 3d halo, even in the case of referral marketing guru Sun Yuchen, even after the user an unprecedented degree of attention, the two hours on the line, Team Just new work just.game, or cold.

2018, Fomo 3d turned out, the same as in the 2007 iPhone, stunning circle of people. In a few days, it attracted more than 20,000 ETH, which was worth more than 50 million RMB. For a while, people were empty and imitations were everywhere, and everyone was crazy about the new model of on-chain funds.

But a year later, the new funds to build a pan original cast just.game in just two hours, put the user's enthusiasm exhausted. Loss of money, forced invitations, failed wallet transfers, etc. have made this highly anticipated game a target for public criticism.

Block chain game world, there have been two games all the rage, so that blocked the Square Ethernet network, one is Fomo 3d, a mystery love cats. Fomo 3d of a pulse, in just.game World War defeat, and the mystery of love with the cat represented NFT (non-homogeneous tokens) collection of games, developed a different world.

NFT development

After the mystery of love cats, NFT again attract the public's attention, it is the July 2018 launch of the card game Gods Unchained. In retrospect, 2018 was really the most memorable era in the DApp industry, and its debut was the peak.

This blockchain card game, known as the "hearthstone legend" on the blockchain, attracted more than 400 ETH sales within 5 days of the pre-sale. Some one-time investment of RMB large direct R 95 ETH bought 100 rare card package, Championship 20000 tickets are sold out within a short time.

Two years later, in November 2019, GodsUnchained the user opens the card transaction, you can block chain collectibles trading platform between users: the free trade (such as Opensea), GU card once again return to the heat, loyal players There is no need to waste money to buy a card package for a card anymore, and the oxen also have new channels to make money.

On Opensea, classification of goods under the Gods Unchained there are more than six million kinds, the market is the second largest species projects. Look Coin Metrics data, in November last year, trading volume ERC-721 tokens by leaps and bounds, the number of transactions in a single day approaching 4 million. GU heat is evident.

Not just block chain game company, NFT is attracting a lot of game maker's attention. Tencent, Netease, and other Internet game manufacturers' first test of blockchain games is NFT.

In Tencent's "Catch Monsters Together" in 2019, players can obtain an exclusive cat with data on the chain after the 22nd level. Just like the Ethereum Mystery Cat, each user's exclusive cat is unique and there is no one. Cats are the same. This Tencent's only blockchain game reached the top of the list within 5 hours of its launch, and players contributed 480,000 downloads in a single day.

In addition to pure gaming industry, NFT recent significant spread to traditional spheres, sports circles in particular.

Has made a mystery of love cats Dapper Labs announced a partnership with the NBA's NBA Top Shot, in this collection of cards similar to MLB baseball card, the content is not limited to the current NBA 2K football card, will increase the content players skills. Subsequently, Germany's top soccer club Bayern Munich star card launched NFT, 20000 2020 European Cup tickets on sale to NFT form, NIKE launched Cryptokicks shoes, etc. NFT event followed on an Ethernet Square.

NFT first seems to have become a hot topic in 2020.

So, NFT exactly how to define?

Before discussing, let's first consider a point: Is Bitcoin a NFT?

Non-homogeneity, can be understood as, issued on each block token chain has its own serial number, you can own a distinction with other similar token flag, A and B are the same Token, look exactly alike, but A The Token number is 0001, and the Token number of B is 0002, which are different.

Come back to have the topic, in fact, to some extent, Bitcoin can be considered a NFT, or that is an application of the NFT.

In the Bitcoin network, the input and output of each transaction are intuitively interpreted as "unspent transaction output" based on UTXO (Unspent Transaction Output). UTXO feature is that the record is not the content of the address of the total balance.

For example, a 10-bit address of coins, there are three different pens transfers respectively transfer incoming coins 2,3,5 bits, recording time, UXTO recording address is not in balance, a total of 10 bits coins, Instead, 2 unspent and 3 unspent are recorded. And five did not take, the source can be traced back three times Bitcoin.

Because total balances are not recorded, Bitcoin transactions are easily tracked. In this way, except for new bitcoins, which have never had any transaction records, most of the bitcoins that have been transferred by the transaction will have different transaction records.

NFT indivisible aside this view, from the perspective of the characteristics of "non-homogeneity", most of Bitcoin, seems to be regarded as the application of the NFT. In other words, cryptocurrencies that use UXTO, such as Grin, Beam, etc., can all be regarded as NFT applications.

Why isn't Ethereum? Square Ethernet account record is the total balance, different pen 3 to each transfer a 2,3,5 ETH transfer in, at the time of recording of a mix of 10 ETH, and will not separate. So, ETH does not have a unique identity as Bitcoin.

From the perspective of the concept, NFT, is the product of intelligent contracts appear, based on the same standard with an Ethernet Square FT (homogenization tokens), based on ERC-721 or ERC-1155 standard NFT, presents unique, not to And other permutations.

However, the token in NFT is completely different from the token in FT. If the NFT classification, we believe that, in line with the context of the NFT should not block chain of coins.

We now see the NFT, although with a token word in the name, but in fact has no characteristics of the "currency" of. Whether you are an enigma love cats, GU card, football card, and so on, you can not pay for, can not be used to purchase other items, can not be used for staking, not the mortgage, not interest, not to participate Defi. NFT can do, the basic is a favorite, or cash. Those characteristics of the "currency", there is no NFT years, but, NFT have is characteristic of assets.

It can be said that NFT is not a currency. In other words, NFT no credits belonging to the scope of application of the block chain. Blockchain's currencyless applications can now be divided into two categories: alliance chains, and NFT.

The alliance chain has been developed for several years, and has been particularly popular in China recently. In the context of blockchain as the core technology, a regulatory-friendly alliance chain is favored by large domestic companies. Domestic giants such as Ali and Tencent have launched their own alliance chains to implement functions such as traceability and identification. Foreign Ernst & Young, IBM and other giants have developed their own league chain platform for enterprises to provide solutions.

And NFT, which also belongs to the field of non-currency applications, has obviously been favored by giants under the conditions of compliance.

NFT enormous imagination

NFT does not necessarily mean two completely different things. For example, in the GU card, the general card issuance is huge, many cards have the same contents and functions, the only difference is the card number, and this feature allows NFT outside the game, there is indeed conceivable space.

The membership card NFT is a good example. We used the iQIYI video members who had been talking about it a while ago to imagine it. Members of different user names, different effective time, to buy time so that all the different signs NFT generate a unique code. Under the premise of data being on the chain, abnormal conditions such as fake members and purchase members not taking effect are also difficult to occur.

The visa NFT is the same. Different names, different visa effective times, and other factors can ensure the uniqueness of the NFT. At least, the situation of losing passports can be greatly alleviated.

Financial instruments NFT, block rhythm BlockBeats envisages a scenario, in the purchase of options on the market, although the product is the same, but different user names, different purchase time, etc. can guarantee the uniqueness of an option NFT; and if the option products on the market Inappropriate, users can customize OFT options NFT. The counterparty, the content of the bet, the exercise time, etc. are all guarantees for the uniqueness of the encoding.

When such compliance NFT appear, we imagine space, also big.