Qi Xiangdong, member of the scientific and technological sector: proposed security technology measures and synchronized planning of blockchain construction

On the afternoon of January 10, the Third Session of the 13th Beijing Conference of the CPPCC opened. Qi Xiangdong, a member of the science and technology community, brought forward proposals on strengthening the security of the blockchain. He suggested that the relevant management organizations in Beijing strengthen the guidance and standardization of blockchain technology, enforce mandatory requirements for the security budget in the construction of blockchain, and ensure that security technology measures are planned, constructed, and used simultaneously.

He said that at present, the application of blockchain technology has extended to many fields such as digital finance, the Internet of Things, and intelligent manufacturing. These scenarios have extremely high security requirements, but many blockchains have experienced serious security issues. He proposed to enforce mandatory requirements for security maintenance in blockchain operations, requiring developers and operators of blockchains to pay attention to the security of their own systems. At the same time, the “supervisory sandbox” innovation was strengthened to provide a paradigm for unified national supervision.