In this era, I am not afraid to miss it, I am afraid of falling out of the pit.

1) Is there still a chance?

The company just walked two interns, small C and small D, are all 95 after the water. This lady's high-end cosmetics can't draw the appeal of young souls to the world.

Clearly possessing the most precious things in the world, Xiao C always sighs and sighs: "Awkward is wrong, if you live for a few years, it will be fine." Of course, every time I am picked back, you hold If you are three times the salary of your peers, what are you dissatisfied with!


After 70, I can catch real estate. After 80, I have Internet e-commerce. In the early 90s, I was able to catch Bitcoin. When I arrived in their generation, it was a bear in every industry. I could only work hard to earn money and I couldn’t see my hope.

Small D, it is a curious baby, like to ask questions on various topics. And every time she learns something new, her big, watery eyes will shine and she will be satisfied with it: it can be like this!

After the internship period, neither small C nor small D could stay. Recently, Xiao D has captured a short video bonus and has become a vibrating network red with millions of fans. Xiao D's current job is to travel everywhere. Although there is no financial freedom, it is also a chance to seize the opportunity.

And Xiao C, who is still buried in the circle of friends in the circle of friends, and sent resumes everywhere.

What does this mean?

Explain that having a pair of watery eyes is really important…

And a common sense that many people ignore: in our time, there is no shortage of opportunities.

The essence of opportunity is information.

Our ancestors faced the loess and turned their backs to the sky. Because of the occlusion of information, there was a lack of opportunities. But in our generation, the popularity of the mobile Internet has made the cost of getting information for everyone almost zero.

In other words, the opportunity has become ubiquitous, provided that you have the action to dig and find.

2) Anxiety is a man-made virus

Anxiety is a small partner who was eating Mala Tang with you yesterday. Today, bird's nest abalone, buy a house and buy a car, soaring.

And you are still in place.

As the most promising era in history, it can be said that the chances of getting rich overnight are too slow.

How long does it take to earn 10 million? Probably only 1 tick is needed. This is what happened in the commodity futures company next door in the past few days, and everyone in the industry knows it.

Because of a special wave of a certain category, a college student who has just graduated for half a year has developed in an instant.

1 tick is 500 milliseconds, which is shorter than the blink of an eye, the key is reasonable and legal.

Then you said, if you are going to do futures now, is there a chance? Sorry, the probability is almost zero.

Because you don't know the real gameplay behind people.

Everyone has different conditions, and although there are many opportunities, the opportunities for each person are different.

For some people, it is an opportunity, while for others, it is a full pit.

Then there are some people with ulterior motives who use this cognitive difference to introduce people into the pit for harvesting.

For example, IEO is very hot now .

The eyes of the media big V advertising propaganda, whoever who grabs the amount of how much, how many times the temptation.

It seems that everyone is making money. Are these exchanges Lei Feng? Do these media soft texts don’t cost money?

Who will eventually let the money out? The answer is actually very obvious, but often many people will be lucky.

3) People who take shortcuts are the most likely to be harvested

Once people get into anxiety, they are easy to use their brains.

It’s like two people running and running, and they’ve been stunned. What should I do?

Step by step, trying to catch up is too difficult and too tired. It’s best to have a ride at this time and go straight to overtake the car.

Only a big probability is that it is sold on the train.

There is a friend, we all call him a punch, because he is very aggressive, and there are always some whimsy, in addition to often looking for us to borrow money, is a very interesting person.

The punch was playing bitcoin at the end of the 13th year, and it would be a staged bull market. The hottest exchange is still the bit and bit era.

The punch is very smart. He knows the value principle of Bitcoin and believes that Bitcoin is more likely to increase in the future.

However, when the punch entered the market, Bitcoin had already risen to the high point of that time – around 1000USD.

So, the punch fell into deep anxiety, is it only honestly holding bitcoin? Or, what are the shortcuts?

The 13-year bitcoin bull market is also a group of centralized exchanges. The real money-making trump cards in the hands of these exchanges are all kinds of altcoins, which are owned by third-party teams and also issued by the exchange themselves. Oh, now called IEO.

The characteristics of these altcoins are that the unit price is extremely low, a pile of zeros after the decimal point, and then the circulation is extremely large, tens of billions. You can receive hundreds of millions of coins for a few thousand dollars, giving you a very cost-effective illusion.

The punch felt that he had found a big secret that he could not make a profit, and "played new." That is to say, the new exchange of the exchange has not yet risen a wave of altcoin, he thinks so:

1. The price of the altcoin is cheap, with a small size and high odds.

2. The exchange is to do long-term business, it will certainly pull the disk, it is not a problem to increase by a dozen times.

Of course, in the end, the hundreds of millions of altcoins he bought are still lying on his exchange account. It is said that he has seen it recently, and some accounts are still "not seen".

The current popular fried chicken exchanges are no longer the two, a new generation of new people for the old, no money to maintain is normal.

4) People who are patient are rich.

Any 17 years ago, the honesty of holding Bitcoin was a fortune.

But the so-called money-keeping is more difficult than widowhood, and there is no one that can be done.

Now the hottest app is the vibrato of the main short video, which shows that most people in this world can't stand the temptation and have no patience.

More than 15 seconds of video are too long to read a thousand-character public article, you probably already beat 95% of people.

Interestingly, Zhang Yiming, the boss of Vibrato, is one of the most patient people in the world.

I have read a report that he was called a robot when he was in college.

Because he is never tempted by the sensual dogs around him, only use the highest efficiency, do the right thing, and then patiently wait for the desired result to happen.

In this age of opportunity, the most important accomplishment of a person who wants to succeed is patience.

Not afraid to miss the opportunity, I am afraid to fall into the pit.


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