April 27th market analysis: Bitcoin short-term long and short watershed in the 5340 area

[Yesterday market review]

Bitcoin began to fall early in the morning, and then broke new highs; the rest of the market is the digestive adjustment after the next wave of rise.

But there are two short signals during the day.

Signal 1: There is a fixed signal at 5298, the stop loss is placed at 5348; when the market declines to 5201, the maximum profit is 97 USD. At least you have to move the stop loss to the entry position to ensure that the transaction is not Risky.

Signal 2: When the market falls below the horizontal support, the moving average is short, so the short position is involved in 5268, the maximum profit is 67 US dollars, and the stop loss can also move to the entry position.

Summary: There are two signals yesterday, choose one to do, and give up the other one.

[market analysis]

Bitcoin sky map

Yesterday's Yinxian fell below 5340 and was temporarily supported by 15EMA. As long as the market does not stand at 5340, there is still a chance to go down to test. The support of Tiantu is at 5060.

Bitcoin for four hours

Four hours yesterday was suppressed at 5340, and 50 SMA and 15 EMA began to appear dead forks, indicating that the market gradually turned from bullish to bearish.

However, due to the support of the 15EMA of the sky map, it will not fall for a while. If you have to go up and break the 5340 lure today, and then take it back, you have the opportunity to continue to go down further.

In summary, the short-term pressure of Bitcoin is in the 5430 area. If there is a lot of lure in this pressure belt, there is a chance to go down and test the 5060 area.


The Ethereum average is short, and the downtrend line remains intact. If there is a chance to fall below the green uptrend line, there is a chance to continue testing down.


The LTC moving averages are arranged in a short position. If you adjust more, after testing the downtrend line, you will have the opportunity to continue to fall.

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