Tang Renjian, Governor of Gansu Province: Gansu Blockchain Trust Infrastructure Platform "Ruyi Chain" goes live

Source: China Youth Daily


Tang Renjian, Governor of Gansu Province, spoke at the "Digital Gansu Ruyi Chain"-Gansu Province Blockchain Development Application Launch Conference.

China Youth Daily Client News (Zhongqing News · Zhongqing Net Trainee Reporter Wang Hao) "Digital Gansu Ruyi Chain"-Gansu Provincial Blockchain Development and Application Launch Conference was held on January 9 in Lanzhou. Gansu Provincial Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Governor Tang Renjian announced the launch of Gansu Blockchain Trust Infrastructure Platform (Ruyi Chain).

According to reports, "Ruyi Chain" builds an underlying technology platform and operating system compatible with multiple architectures, brings together leading developers and user resources at home and abroad, builds a blockchain industry ecology, and accelerates blockchain and big data, the Internet of Things The deep integration of information technology such as artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence, open up the innovation chain, application chain, value chain, strengthen the upstream and downstream linkage and interaction of the industrial chain, and form a blockchain industry layout and industrial transformation in Gansu Province.

The first development and application scenarios of "Ruyi Chain" include non-ferrous metal supply chain, cultural tourism chain, logistics chain, intellectual property protection and transaction chain.

Among them, on the non-ferrous metal supply financial chain, a non-ferrous alliance chain is established to realize the "six flows" of capital flow, information flow, logistics, business flow, supervision flow, and credit flow on the chain, ensuring more reliable data and more efficient business; On the tourism chain, through the scenarios of blockchain + art, + inheritance, + culture and entertainment, + travel, the number of intermediate agents in the tourism process is reduced, transaction costs are reduced, the travel experience is improved, and quality services are promoted; in the logistics chain On the basis of building a trust relationship between logistics participants, the traceability of commodity sources and quality can be guaranteed; on the protection and transaction chain of intellectual property rights, the use of blockchain time stamps and non-tamperable features to establish digital certificates to solve the intellectual property industry Difficulty in determining rights, tracing sources, difficulties in safeguarding rights and difficulties in transferring.

Tang Renjian said that the Gansu Blockchain Trust Infrastructure Platform was launched, marking that Gansu has accelerated the construction of "Digital Gansu" and created the "Belt and Road" information commanding heights. It has taken the development of the entire industrial chain to plan the Gansu Blockchain and build An important step in the blockchain Gansu business card. In the future, Gansu will accelerate the creation of a blockchain industry cluster area, an innovation-leading area, and an application-leading area, comprehensively build a multi-dimensional industrial ecosystem that supports the development of the blockchain, and let the blockchain “chain” out of the new model and new format of Gansu development. ,new motivation.