CoinMarketCap releases 2019 annual review: platform currency gains outperform BTC

Cryptocurrency market website CoinMarketCap released its 2019 annual review. In terms of the price performance of BTC compared to other crypto assets, the top five platform currencies (BNB, HT, LEO, FTT, ZB) have an average annual increase (+ 98%) that exceeds BTC (+ 98%) + 87%), the average annual increase of smart contract platform tokens (ETH, EOS, XTZ, TRX, ADA) was 34%, and the average annual increase of privacy tokens (XMR, ZEC, KMD, XVG, ZEN) was -15 %. From the timeline point of view, in the first two quarters of 2019, the performance of platform currency and smart contract tokens is better than BTC. When the market turns bearish, the scope of the smart contract token retracement greatly reduces the performance of the year .