Janco Associates CEO: New job trends in 2020 will shift to blockchain and DLT technology

With the expansion of the IT job market, the retirement of baby boomers, and the progress of millennials, the face of IT workspaces is changing. This new generation of IT professionals looks younger, but has no older generation experience. At the same time, new technologies are being implemented at an increasing rate. Blockchain, DLT and user experience applications are challenging the limits of many businesses.

M. Victor Janulaitis, CEO of Janco Associates, Inc., said: "About 91900 new IT jobs were created in 2019, which is lower than the number of IT jobs created in 2018 (104,600)." He also said, "With With the implementation of the new CaCPA Directive on January 1, 2020, compliance in 2020 will be more important than 2019. Another factor is the shift to blockchain and DLT technology. To this end, Janco released its The Compliance Management Toolkit has been significantly updated and a new blockchain job description package has been launched. We believe that many new positions created in 2020 will be driven by compliance requirements and new applications. "