Analysis: Although BSV processes more transactions per day than BTC, it does not accurately reflect its effectiveness

BSV said on Twitter today that according to Coin.Dance statistics, BSV currently processes more transactions per day than BTC. Although BSV supporters believe that the statistics clearly show the effectiveness of the BSV project. However, after a thorough study of the reasons behind this huge transaction volume, it will be found that the quantity alone cannot explain all the problems.
The data in BitInfoCharts shows the average value of transactions processed on each network. The average size of a BTC transaction is approximately 2.57 BTC, which is approximately $ 20,500 as of press time. By comparison, this number for BSV is 1.67 BSV, or $ 248.54. Obviously, BTC can promote value transfer more than BSV.

A large number of BSV transactions are still generated by an application called "Weather SV", which may explain why the average BSV transaction volume is much lower. Interestingly, another service is now also adding a large number of transactions to the BSV blockchain. The app, called Preev, allows users to view BSV exchange rates uploaded to the blockchain. Like Weather SV, it adds "transactions" to the BSV blockchain, even if no cryptocurrency transactions are actually taking place.