Monitoring: Over 1 billion USDT invalid transfers appear again on the Tether chain

According to Whale Alert monitoring, more than 1 billion USDT large transfers occurred between two unknown wallets today, but this large transaction was subsequently proved to be invalid. Whale Alert further stated that several such invalid transfers have been discovered recently, but decided not to show them to avoid disturbing the community. The previous tweets about this one billion USDT large transaction have been deleted. The community is divided on this, and has given a variety of explanations, including the skyrocketing BSV and the 51% attack on Tether.

According to Whale Alert monitoring, at 11:26 on January 9, Beijing time, the two unknown addresses transferred 220 million USDTs (100 million and 120 million, respectively) to another unknown address beginning with 1DxE6T. Upon querying Omni Explorer, it was found that both transfers were considered invalid due to insufficient sender balance.