Huobi Japan CEO Chen Haiteng: 52,190 stores in Japan can directly accept digital assets

On January 11, 2020, the teaching of the Global Blockchain Leadership Course GBLP Tokyo module of Huobi University began at the Yiqiao University's Yiqiao Lecture Hall. Huobi Japan CEO Chen Haiteng explained the Japanese blockchain industry in detail for the students. Chen Haiteng revealed that Japan is actively promoting the rapid integration of blockchain technology and the real economy. At the same time, digital assets also have cases in various payment scenarios in Japan. At present, 52,190 stores in Japan can directly accept digital assets, including high-profile merchants such as electrical chain Bic Camera, travel chain HIS, and Roppongi luxury stores. Japan's East Japan Company issued the public transportation card "Suica" (Watermelon Card), which is also considering the use of digital asset recharge. The card has a circulation of 75 million and supports 580,000 shops. In addition, Huobi Japan also used the blockchain and public welfare to raise funds for the World Heritage Site of Okinawa Shuri Castle, which was affected by the fire.